After posting the dreams from my old blog last night, I decided to gather up the dreams I’ve written since then and am disappointed to find that on my current computer I only have 3 dreams that I’ve typed up. I’ve been using this computer for a few years and don’t have access to my previous computer at the moment so it’s possible that there are more dreams somewhere else, I’ll have to look into it….

These dreams are not as creative and whimsical as the dreams in the previous post, I suppose that is a reflection of my life in recent years. I’ve been going through some very hard times with housing since I moved out of my long-time apartment in Culver City. Renting with a dog is very difficult unless you can pay a high rent and rent in Southern California has skyrocketed. These days I’ve just been renting rooms and so have roommates again after having my own place for many years, this is at times difficult depending on the person. I’ve had some very interesting roommates but I’ve also had some very difficult ones. One of the dreams is frightening and I debated about even posting it, but I’m going to anyway. Here goes….

9/17/15: Amputation nightmare. I had been renting an upstairs room on a busy street in Ventura from an older man and his young adult daughter. After I had lived there a while, a month or so, the man came to my room and cut off my right leg at the knee. He was some kind of sadist, apparently. The next thing I remember is that I had been walking around normally with some kind of crude peg leg attached with a large cloth bandage around the stump. It had never been looked at by a doctor. The stump was just starting to hurt as though it were infected. I must have been in shock because even after several days I had not reported it to the police or told anyone. The daughter and father seemed a little surprised that I never spoke about it, but they didn’t say anything. They must have been trying to get me to move out and since cutting off my leg didn’t get me to move, they decided to raise the rent and gave me some papers to sign. I finally tried to tell a policeman who I had seen walking by the house, but I was so afraid that the man who had done that to me would hear me telling the policeman that I could only speak in a whisper. The leg was bandaged and I was wearing pants over it and walking around so the policeman didn’t notice that my leg was cut off. Eventually the policeman decided there was nothing he could do for me because he couldn’t hear what I was saying and he left. I didn’t have anywhere else to go so I called my father’s house. A strange girl answered the phone, her name was Nadia or something Russian sounding, she said she was a friend of my niece and that no one else was home. She then hung up. I called back but no one answered.

I think I dreamt this because I had seen a story about Albinos in Tanzania getting their limbs amputated by men who thought they were evil or could sell them. Also because of my problem finding a place to rent with my dog, and because of my family’s refusal to help me out.

05/17/16: 55 Glasses of beer. I dreamt that I had been broken up with my boyfriend for a month. I somehow ended up at his parent’s house for Thanksgiving. They gave me a room to stay in for the night. No one was home all day except me and I hadn’t yet met anyone in the family. I just stayed in the room and tried to figure out what I was going to do. I had been drinking everyday for the month since my boyfriend stopped talking to me. The dream doesn’t make sense because my birthday is in Feb and Thanksgiving is in Nov so that’s actually about 10 months.

I was a mess. I hadn’t showered, I was recovering from my month of drinking and was in withdrawal. My now ex-boyfriend got home and came in the room where I was. He was friendly but seemed confused about why I was at his house. His family members started coming in the room but I just got in bed and wouldn’t talk to or look at anybody. Then everyone left the room but my ex’s father came in and told me to come into the kitchen because they had something to show me. In real life my bf had abandoned me on my birthday and in the dream he had also. My ex’s mother, who I hadn’t met yet, was in the kitchen. She and some other family members were standing in front of a small kitchen sized TV. They told me to watch the video on the TV. It showed 55 glasses of Guinness beer, they were just finishing pouring the last of the glasses. They had done it on my birthday, in honor of my 55th birthday but never told me about it until then. I woke up.

11/03/16: Tethered ice dispenser. I awoke from a dream that may have contained elements from a dream I had the night before or that may have been part of the dream, in other words I may have dreamt about something that I actually dreamed the night before when in reality I was just dreaming that I had dreamed about a dream.

The supposed previous night’s dream was that I moved into a very messy run down house. I was renting a room that had a private entrance (a door to the yard, which was neither a front nor back door as the house had a strange position in the neighborhood, it was down a longish driveway between 2 other small ramshackle houses). The house was being renovated though so I moved in thinking that the improvements would make it a decent living situation. I didn’t know the people that I had moved in with. As the renovations progressed rapidly, I realized that the room next to mine would be used for a very busy child daycare business. I was not happy about this. They also upgraded my door with a very stylish but extremely flimsy doorknob which easily fell apart with the slightest tug and had no lock, which made my room very insecure and easy to break into. I complained to my roommates about the situation, but they didn’t seem to care.

This morning’s dream was that I moved out of the daycare, flimsy doorknob place and into a place where there were drinks being served. It was part bar, part residence and strangely it also contained elements from the previous daycare place but as far as I remember this was a new rental situation. Every roommate had a portable device that was to dispense ice. It had a very long retractable tether for some reason with an upside down cup type of lid. This was to contain ice for the customers apparently but it’s design made no sense to me. For some reason I took this device to a party several blocks away and re-tethered it to their ice system. I decided to leave the party and started walking home. I was walking along the main drag (E Ojai Ave) in downtown Ojai, east of Montgomery on the north side of the street. A few blocks from the party I realized that I had forgotten to un-tether my ice dispenser from the party house and I had reached the end of the leash (this aspect reminds me of the type of retractable dog leash I use). The ice dispenser lurched out of my hand as I reached the end of the tether (much like the dog leash will do if the dog on the end resists movement suddenly). To my horror I could see the small but rather heavy ice dispenser hurl along the path of the tether along the sidewalk back toward the party numerous blocks away. It hurled with force that accelerated. In it’s path was a young mother, father and little girl in a bright pink dress (among other people) The little girl was dancing around on unsteady little girl legs, I was watching and hoping she would not veer into the path of the hurling ice dispenser. Of course she did…. but then it barely missed her. But the parents didn’t miss seeing the ice dispenser. The dispenser got caught on something near them and stopped for their examination. They saw me watching them and put 2 and 2 together that I was responsible for the near injury of their daughter. They detained me and the police quickly arrived. The police (a man and a woman) shined their flashlights into my eyes and luckily I was completely sober and I told them so, they luckily concurred. They took my jacket and pants and put me in a light green policeman jacket and pants for some odd reason. They were very unhappy with me that I had nearly been responsible for an injury and wanted to punish me even though nothing bad had actually happened. They detained me and kept asking me questions at the scene of the near accident. The tether had gotten all frayed as if it been through some major travels though there was no reason for that actually as it had only gone a couple of blocks on it’s own. Gradually the parents and child and other onlookers dispersed and the female cop left as well. I was left there alone with the male cop. He put handcuffs on me much to my dismay, but then I wiggled out of the handcuffs, they were too large for my hands even though they had been placed over the policeman’s jacket. The male policeman then left me there alone for a short period wearing the police uniform. A car with a few male and female passengers offered to take me away from there, so I got into the front seat though I felt wary of getting in a car with strangers and leaving the scene without permission and without receiving any kind of ticket or warning on paper. That’s when I woke up.