1994 4-Track Recordings

I’ve decided to finally put some of my old music up on this website. I don’t know why I never have before. Hopefully someday I’ll have time to finish my newer recordings or to make new ones. Life got extremely complicated a few years ago and recording music had to take a backseat to my other work.

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Just to let you know I’m still here… and I’m Irish!

The main reason I’m adding a post right now is to test a WordPress plugin called HTML Editor Syntax Highlighter. It’s one of my favorite recent discoveries as far as WordPress plugins. It makes working in the content text editor so much more pleasant. But it had not been working perfectly, at least not with the recent WP updates. Today I woke to an email from the author stating he had fixed the problem, so I’m testing it out. Since I hadn’t written anything here for a long time, I thought I would at least tell people that I’m still here. I just haven’t been doing anything very blog worthy other than my design work and I usually write about that on my design website DSIGNWRX.

I’m basically just in survival mode lately, working all the time, trying to take care of myself and my dog. I will probably be talking about the survival aspect of my life at some later date. I do still pick up the guitar, or lately, the ukulele, sometimes at night after work. I like the lightness and portability of the ukulele compared to my electric. I have an old baritone ukulele that my mother gave me before she became ill. She also gave me an old banjolele which is a cross between a ukulele and a banjo. I had thought it was a toy, I finally just found out what it is and how to tune it. They are both light and fun to play, though they both need work. I have no idea where she got them and now I’ll never know. My mother is in the late stages of Alzheimer’s disease. It’s very painful to see her this way. I have no idea whether she is suffering, but in my heart I know she must be. I hate that disease. Life makes no sense.

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Beach Still Lifes

I’ve been going to the beach in Goleta, CA where there’s more than an average amount of seaweed, with more varieties than I’ve noticed on other beaches that I’ve frequented. It makes for startlingly beautiful still lifes when the seaweed tangles with shells and other creature’s remnants. The seaweed alone is very pretty and kind of alien looking sometimes and at other times very artistic. I wish I had the time and space to do some seaweed paintings, but that will have to wait. I’ve seen some mysterious blobs of living or formerly living matter there, too. There are nice tidepools at low tide and at really high tide the water comes all the way up the beach and flows into the lagoon. There are even several rock formations that look like lava. It’s a more wild beach than the average Southern California beach. I like the pier, too. Someday I’d like to take a kayak or a stand up paddle board out into the bay.

A Databending Christmas

I learned a new word on Christmas: databending.

For the last 5 or 6 years I’ve gotten into the habit of sending out holiday emails with digital images that I make from scratch just for the occasion. It’s funny because I was NEVER one to send out Christmas cards, but now I can’t imagine not sending one of my digital images.

I’ve been very busy recently trying to get caught up on work and life after moving (again), so I had planned on doing a quick holiday image and getting on with my work (even though it was Christmas, yes I worked on Christmas). I went to the beach first thing in the morning though, and took some photos, planning on just sticking some type on one of the photos and sending it off. But then of course I wasn’t satisfied with something so simple. I couldn’t choose which photo to use and I had several open at the same time, I switched between them, trying to choose one until I landed on one which looked corrupt and it looked AMAZING. The was it, that was the one that I wanted to use. I clicked away for a minute and then clicked back, but it was GONE!  For a moment I was very frustrated about losing it and not thinking to take a screenshot, but then it occurred to me that maybe there was a way to deliberately corrupt an image. I googled it and yes there was a way, actually lots of ways and quite a few people who are already doing it. In fact there’s a pretty cool name for it too, “databending”. I tried the hex editing method and had some success with it. The image that I ended up with was combined with an uncorrupt image of the ocean and some other color tweaks etc… Happy 2014!

Happy 2014

A Databending Christmas.


print on demand sites

I just put some designs and artwork on Zazzle. I have 3 different stores each with a different focus.

One is FellowCreatures, where the focus is on animals, animal welfare, human rights, equality, the environment and ecology.

One is Lunarica, where the designs are a little unusual and wild and are mostly original artwork and designs done by myself.

And one is Monelica, where the designs right now are mostly holiday designs and found and vintage designs manipulated by myself to make them fresh and colorful.

Gotta go, busy day…

Happy holidays! Have fun shopping!

Lunarica on Zazzle

I’m finally getting around to putting some designs and artwork up on a print on demand site. I decided to start with and eventually may sign up with some other sites as well. I’m starting with some designs that I’ve done for a project that I’m calling Lunarica. I’m just posting a small preview of items here for now.

Rain Clouds at Sunset in Ojai

I’m currently, temporarily staying in Ojai, California (pronounced “O-Hi”). Yesterday evening some seriously ominous looking rain clouds blew in just before sunset. It was a beautiful site to see. Most of these photos were taken in Meiner’s Oaks which is a small community within the city of Ojai. It’s pretty small but it does have at least one gallery, a decent sized hardware store, un upscale organic market and restaurant, a fancy pizza joint, a couple of mexican restaurants and markets, a sports bar, a liquor store, a donut shop, a hamburger stand etc… etc… It’s amazing how little it’s changed since I hung around Ojai when I was a teenager. Much of Ojai seems pretty much the same as it was over 30 years ago.

Most of these photos were taken near the area devoted to horse corrals next to what I think is the Ventura River Preserve complete with some really nice  hiking trails.

Shadows at the Beach Photos

I took these photos of my own shadow against the cliffs facing the ocean at the beach on September 29th, 2013.

I shoot a lot of photos. I used to shoot with a film SLR camera before point and shoot digital cameras became affordable. I miss having an SLR but I do not miss film. I love the fact that I can shoot as many digital photos as I want and it costs practically nothing. I shot these with an inexpensive Nikon digital camera. read more…

Shadows at the Beach

my dog Zela looking upI’m very sad to say that my sweet little dog Zela passed away recently, she had been afflicted with a failing heart. I miss her very much, she was extremely special to me and I loved her dearly. I adopted her from the North Central Shelter near downtown Los Angeles in 2001, she was with me for 12 years. I hope Zela is now with her friends Ruby and Delta and that they are all running and having fun on the beach in Heaven (or wherever the best beaches are on the other side).

Last Sunday, as a way to help me to feel better after Zela passed away, I held a private memorial down at the beach. With a few mementos and photos of Zela and her friends, I sat on the beach alone contemplating the possibilities of reincarnation, life after death and/or the possible union of souls of all creatures after their passing. It helped me to let Zela go and to hope someday that I will “see” her and her friends again.

montague shadowsWhile at the beach that day, I took some photos to document the ceremony and noticed my shadow in the photos was creating some interesting shapes, so I kept shooting the shadows and I experimented with poses and backdrops. While I was shooting my shadows, I noticed a man photographing me and then he and his friend started shooting their own shadows against the cliff wall down the beach away from me. It made me happy that I had inspired someone else to be creative. I really like they way my shadow photos came out and I think I may shoot some more someday soon. More Shadows at the Beach photos can be seen here.

Classic Woodie Cars

I took a bunch of photos of classic old woodie cars at the 2013 Encinitas Woodie Car Club. I uploaded them to Morguefile at full-size for free download, they will be available as soon as the Morguefile crew approves them, I assume they will be approved. It had been a while since I had visited Morguefile and I have to say I was dismayed when I saw that Morguefile now has multiple Stock photo agencies listed on the site. When that happened on another free image site, it signaled a degradation of the site as a place for people to share freely and simply became a way for the site to attract potential customers, and eventually they sold the site to a stock image company. I hope that doesn’t happen with Morguefile.

Hello There

Hi, Elizabeth Montague here. Thanks for stopping by my site. Below are a few samples of some recent digital artwork of mine.

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