I’m still adding bits and pieces from my old blog. Back then one of my favorite things to write about was my dreams and still is I guess. I keep a small diary of my dreams. I have to write them down as soon as I wake up or else I forget them forever. It’s strange how my mind does that. They seem so real when I first wake up but I don’t remember them as long as I would a real event. Unfortunately I don’t even remember my dreams in the morning all that often, but when I do I’m always amazed at how realistic but weird and kinda creative they are. This post will be a collection of dreams from the old blog.

DREAM: War cave and the Japanese pastry McDonald’s cave

REAL LIFE: In 94 and 95, I worked in Beverly Hills for a publisher. The building was a very large old home partially converted to offices. It was rather luxurious. There was a fountain in the back with a large rock formation in the center. My job there was as one of several archivists. An interesting result of this job was that one of my coworkers was a friend of Kid Congo, which is how I was in The Gun Club.

DREAM: I dreamed that the place where I worked was not a big old home converted to offices, but it was a HUGE cave with many caves inside. There were cave cities or cave malls inside the HUGE cave. One group of caves had a bar/restaurant at it’s entrance, it was a very modern and sophisticated cave. There was some sort of war going on within the HUGE cave. Outside, in back of the HUGE cave there were 3-4 small caves. Someone told me slyly that there was a McDonald’s back there. I went to that cave. On the door hand-painted in light blue paint, it said, “McDonald’s”. I went inside and it was a Japanese pastry shop that had the most delicious rich Japanese pastries (I had recently eaten some Mochi ice cream which I think inspired that part).

DREAM: Providing foster care for big mama and baby alligator in my apartment

10/23/08 Last night I didn’t get much sleep and I guess as a result, I had a funny dream about having a large difficult alligator and her somewhat less difficult baby alligator in my apartment, which wasn’t my actual apartment but sort of comparable. I was somehow in the position of being a temporary caregiver to the two alligators. In real life I have 2 dogs, who were also in the dream and who would have been a quick meal for the mama alligator. The dogs were very curious though and I had a hard time keeping them away from the alligators and vice versa. The alligators liked to sleep on my bed. I was trying to find a home for the alligators and the first candidates were a couple of (unrelated) soldiers who had approached me separately about wanting to become the new owner of the alligators. I didn’t think either of the soldiers would be suitable caretakers for the alligators because their soldiering took too much of their time, so although I really wanted the alligators out of my apartment I decided to keep looking for a more suitable guardian. That’s when I woke up.

I guess I dreamed about the soldiers because I keep reading about soldiers adopting dogs in Iraq. I don’t know why I dreamed of alligators. It’s possible this dream has something to do with the fact that in real life a month or two ago, a young possum somehow managed to get into my apartment and the dogs had it cornered in the living room, but I was able to get it back outside, unharmed.

3 DREAMS from 2003: Yellow Dog, Haircut, Camping

These are three dreams that I had in 2003 and wrote down the morning after dreaming them. I don’t know why I dreamed about any of this stuff, none of it seems much like anything that has happened in real life.

05/21/03 Yellow Dog: I was in the mountains vacationing with friends. I had a small apartment of my own and my two dogs Ruby and Zela. I had just moved in to stay for a short time. I was unfamiliar with the area. I went out walking with Ruby off the leash. A large yellow shepherd type dog appeared and ran up to us. A man appeared who said that the dog was friendly. Ruby ran over to a large utility pickup truck and jumped into the bed of the truck, there were lots of flats of strawberries stacked on the floor of the bed. Ruby started sniffing and digging in one area in the bed of the truck. The man said, “man, she has got a good nose, how did she know that was in there?” Then he threw her harshly off of the back of the truck. He asked me how long I was staying. I said that I was staying a few days. He said, “I thought so, by what you have in your refrigerator”. I asked him, “were you in my apartment?” and said, “you shouldn’t have been in there.” At that moment Zela ran out of the apartment, the man must have let her out. My friends appeared. They told the man not to go into the apartment anymore, then I went inside with my friends. My purse was sitting on the table. I asked my friends if they thought I should cancel my credit card and they said yes.

05/27/03 Haircut: I took the freeway to a restaurant. When I arrived at the restaurant I parked in the lot. I had a pair of scissors in the car. I reached around and grabbed all my hair and cut it short with one cut. I then went into the restaurant planning to fix the rest of my hair later. When I got up to the counter there was someone I knew that was waiting there. This person was someone I seemed to know in the dream, but in real life I do no know that person or know who it was. A funny thing about this also is that I cut my hair exactly like this a few weeks ago (Nov, 2008). I cut it with one cut and then left it like that for a while, I liked it. I hadn’t read that dream in a long time so I had forgotten about it.

06/05/03 Camping: I went to an event with some friends. There were a couple of guys and some girls in the group. One guy was sort of on a first date with one of the girls, they weren’t getting along. I kind of liked that guy myself. I didn’t care much for what the other guy was wearing. He was wearing jeans and a tank top, then I looked down and I realized that I was wearing jeans and a tank top also (coincidentally, as I write this I am wearing jeans and a tank top). The dream was about an overnight camping event. I had to wait in line to use the bathroom in the morning. The girl in front of me thought that I was someone that she had had some trouble with at San Ysidro Ranch. In the dream I was wearing some sunglasses that I had at the time that looked like something that a cop would wear. I said to the girl behind me that people were always mistaking me for someone else, there must be something about me that makes me look like so many other people. The bathrooms were oddly shaped, like half of an egg cut diagonally across the length. They had large sliding doors across the large opening. Outside the bathroom there were chairs that looked like regular chairs that were missing a part of the seat. A girl said that they were designed to be stood on, not to be sat on.

The next thing I remember is that I was in a car and my mother was driving, it appeared that we were in London. As we were driving, we noticed that people seemed to be giving away stacks of white dishes. I got out of the car to get us each a stack, which consisted of (starting from the bottom); a silver platter, 2 plates, 2 different sizes of large bowls, a cloth and on top of everything was a mug full of hot coffee.

More 2003 DREAMS: Trailer Park Bedroom, James Brown, Filthy Hotel & Steroids, Vincent Price Credit Report

07/08/03 Trailer Park Bedroom: I dreamed I had just moved into a house with some roommates. My room was HUGE, part indoors, part outdoors. It was about the size of a football field. I couldn’t figure out why I’d gotten so lucky until that night when it became a trailer park for overnight motorhomes.

07/15/03 James Brown, Mind Flashes and the Mysterious Ad: I dreamed I was in a relationship with a friend (I’ll call him Frank). We were at a beach town somewhere (maybe Santa Monica). We were a couple but a rather strange one and we had just gotten together. At one point we met up and were sitting around an above ground pool that was circular. We started to kiss. At that moment, James Brown drove up in a limo. Next thing we know is that James Brown has stuck his head in between Frank and I. Frank didn’t like James Brown doing that because he said that he was “not gay”. At one point I trusted Frank as a good boyfriend, but soon started to doubt how faithful he was, because he was always out doing something, he was a real social butterfly. Frank had a sister with autism or as he called them “mind flashes”. Frank and I went to a vacation house that belonged to his parents. He found a bunch of porn and sex toys in a drawer in his parents bedroom.

A mysterious picture of a profile of some guy’s face was being printed as a small ad in the LA Weekly every week with a discrediting caption. At one point I was visiting with my friend “Carly” and I thought for a moment that I saw that photo among her brother’s prints (in real life she has no brother). It occurred to me that she or her brother was paying to place this ad to ruin this guys reputation for some unknown reason.

2003 sometime Filthy Hotel and Steroids: I dreamed I was traveling with a band that I knew and had a relationship with the singer. We stopped at a hotel that the band was familiar with. The people there were very fat and slovenly. The woman proprietor was very fat and old and not very attractive. My boyfriend was obliged to sleep with this woman so that the band could stay in the hotel for free. The hotel was really really filthy, it was filthy in a cartoon way. The crud was thick everywhere. There was vomit, dirt, scum, clothes etc EVERYWHERE. The band didn’t seem to mind too much. I couldn’t stand it so I got a room next door at the normal clean hotel. Later I went back to visit my boyfriend at the dirty hotel. He suddenly realized that he had missed a dose of his steroids (I have no idea why I dreamed of steroids). He started asking his bandmates if they had any steroids and if they’d give him some. At that moment I could see the effects of the steroids on his face and body. His face was wide and bloated though emaciated at the same time, same thing with his body though it was still muscular.

08/20/03 Car Shopping with Vincent Price: I dreamed that I went to my job at the vitamin company where I was freelancing. I was just there to pick something up and do something quickly on the computer that was for some reason in the lunch room. I suddenly realized that I had left a down coat there (it’s always very over air-conditioned there). A guy that worked there was shutting the place down for the night. It was very dark inside. At one point there was a guy that I remembered from college who I also remembered as being very smart, but in the dream he was very dumb. We both were wearing baseball caps backwards on our heads. He had recently bought a Nissan Frontier. He had covered up the logo on the hood of the truck with a piece of paper that said “Frontier Surfer”. I had left the engine running on my Toyota Celica which I had parked in the bosses reserved space outside the entrance. At a particular time, maybe 8pm, a bell rang and 100 or more people started filing out of the warehouse. After I was done doing what I needed to do, I went across the street to a little hole in the wall strip mall (doesn’t really exist there) into a place where they would check my credit for a future car purchase. Vincent Price owned the place with another equally strange character who wore extremely loud jewelry (huge jems). I asked him if his gems were aquamarine, he got very excited just by my mentioning aquamarine. Vincent Price and his partner were just opening up for the night (why they would be opening at night was odd). They moved a wall with the push of a button to expose a very fancy showroom with merchandise (it had been a very small dingy shop before that).