Sphere by Glenn Campling & Elizabeth Montague
In 1984 my band Laughing Academy was one of the opening bands for Tones on Tail when they played at The Music Machine in Santa Monica, CA. I guess I was too shy at the time to introduce myself to the band, I was stupid that way. Fast forward to 2008 and the age of the internet, I became friends with Glenn Campling, the bass player for Tones on Tail. We were both just starting to use multi-track recording software on our computers, having started both of our musical careers in the analog age, though both being very computer literate using computers as graphic designers. For recording and mixing, Glenn was using Logic Pro and I was using Pro Tools. Somehow in 2009, on different continents, we managed to record this song together.

The recording was actually not really finished which is why it was never uploaded for public listening until now. I would call it a rough mix. I know Glenn wanted to do some more work to it as would I, but since it’s been 6 years since we stopped working on it, I think it’s safe to say we won’t be working on it anymore. Personally, not being a musical perfectionist, I was ready to put it up as is in 2009, but Glenn put the brakes on it. He finally just gave me the OK.

Glenn Campling’s latest project is Lone Station.

Thanks for listening,
Elizabeth Montague