I’m currently, temporarily staying in Ojai, California (pronounced “O-Hi”). Yesterday evening some seriously ominous looking rain clouds blew in just before sunset. It was a beautiful site to see. Most of these photos were taken in Meiner’s Oaks which is a small community within the city of Ojai. It’s pretty small but it does have at least one gallery, a decent sized hardware store, un upscale organic market and restaurant, a fancy pizza joint, a couple of mexican restaurants and markets, a sports bar, a liquor store, a donut shop, a hamburger stand etc… etc… It’s amazing how little it’s changed since I hung around Ojai when I was a teenager. Much of Ojai seems pretty much the same as it was over 30 years ago.

Most of these photos were taken near the area devoted to horse corrals next to what I think is the Ventura River Preserve complete with some really nice  hiking trails.