I just made these 4 free protest signs to take to local version of the Women’s March. I know it’s a bit late since the march is tomorrow morning, but I thought I would share the printable pdf of the 4 signs, if you don’t use them for the Jan. 21st Women’s March, maybe they will come in handy for some other use. The 2 topics that I’m most involved with at the moment is 1. Encouraging the repeal of the Electoral College, so we can stop this type of election fiasco from ever happening again, and 2. Stopping the repeal of The Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare).

The ACA has been a lifesaver for me and countless other people who are not fortunate enough to be able to afford health insurance in this difficult economy and a blessing to now have coverage that cannot exclude a pre-existing condition. The new President is just itching to take that away. Now why would he want to do that? He must like to see people suffer and die.

Download the 4 protest signs here