my dog Zela looking upI’m very sad to say that my sweet little dog Zela passed away recently, she had been afflicted with a failing heart. I miss her very much, she was extremely special to me and I loved her dearly. I adopted her from the North Central Shelter near downtown Los Angeles in 2001, she was with me for 12 years. I hope Zela is now with her friends Ruby and Delta and that they are all running and having fun on the beach in Heaven (or wherever the best beaches are on the other side).

Last Sunday, as a way to help me to feel better after Zela passed away, I held a private memorial down at the beach. With a few mementos and photos of Zela and her friends, I sat on the beach alone contemplating the possibilities of reincarnation, life after death and/or the possible union of souls of all creatures after their passing. It helped me to let Zela go and to hope someday that I will “see” her and her friends again.

montague shadowsWhile at the beach that day, I took some photos to document the ceremony and noticed my shadow in the photos was creating some interesting shapes, so I kept shooting the shadows and I experimented with poses and backdrops. While I was shooting my shadows, I noticed a man photographing me and then he and his friend started shooting their own shadows against the cliff wall down the beach away from me. It made me happy that I had inspired someone else to be creative. I really like they way my shadow photos came out and I think I may shoot some more someday soon. More Shadows at the Beach photos can be seen here.